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Officine Bano
The story of a solid reality

Officine Bano was born about 50 years ago from the intuition of Gianfranco Bano, founder of the company who with an entrepreneurial spirit decided to respond to the needs of various realities in the bread-making sector and thus to start producing furniture for pastry shops, bakeries, ice cream production, restaurants, pizzerias.

Over the years, quality work has paid off and the company has grown to become a reference in its sector.
Given the considerable appreciation found in the food sector, the consequence over the years was to make the accumulated experience available to meet the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic sectors too.
The high standards of quality, attention to detail and accuracy in the design service have fully satisfied the operators of each area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise, whose demands in terms of hygiene and safety are often very high.

Today Officine Bano International is a prestige brand of Made in Italy in the sector of technical stainless steel furnishings spread internationally thanks to the widespread presence and external sales organization, consisting of retailers throughout Europe, as well as in the USA, in Australia, Lebanon, Arab Emirates, and so on.

Gianfranco let his son Luca and his daughter Jasmine the leadership of a company that looks to the future without forgetting its origins.

Esperienza e la passione gli ingredienti fondamentali

In Officine Bano International the fixed thought is to think, design and manufacture furniture and equipment in certified AISI 304 stainless steel, for a recognizable quality of material and for the most diverse needs of customers who continue to rely on the brand for almost 50 years.
The fields of use are the most varied: from pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical analysis laboratories to the hospital and health sectors, passing through the food processing, i.e. confectionery and catering.

The presence is strong and worldwide even in the most diverse industrial sectors, where the best quality of materials is required, the guarantee of robustness and long life, the respect of strict rules of hygiene and safety at work.
It is precisely where requirements are high and quality is a priority that the product finds its natural habitat.
All furniture and equipment are made of top quality AISI 304 stainless steel, with scotch-brite exterior finish and 2B interior.

Tailored projects and specific lines for different sectors

The experience gained, allows us to respond to every request and the great ability to create custom items and projects has always been considered an added value.

In order to meet the specific needs of each customer, ad hoc lines have been created for each sector, with stainless steel furniture and equipment.
The high quality of the materials, the attention to details and finishes, such as the shatterproof thicknesses and the accident-prevention edgings, are the strong points recognized by qualified retailers and operators both nationally and internationally.

Specifically, you can divide the production lines into:

Line dedicated to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and health sectors.
This range includes everything that can be included in the generic or specific laboratories of this sector. In this way, it is possible to provide laminar flow tables, weighing tables, as well as completely welded materials and also autoclave materials. In this environment, it is also possible to create elements in AISI 316 steel, upon request.

Features: Line indicated to offer an environment protected by high standards of hygiene and safety to operators in the sector.

Line dedicated to the world of pastry and ice cream.
Inside you can find modular counters and work tables of various sizes, washbasins, sinks, garbage cans, cabinets, shelves, cabinets and anything else required by the type of production or the area dedicated to it, with attention to ease of cleaning and continuity over time.

Features: Sturdy line and attractive design, fully customizable

Line dedicated to the world of catering and food processing.
This line has the same features as the previously mentioned master line, with slimmer lines and squared finishes, to have a quality product at a lower cost.

Features: Economic line with multiple uses

Line dedicated to tools and equipment for food processing and manufacturing.
Here you can see trays, pans (also teflon coated), moulds, trolleys for pans and various transports, scrapers, pins, panettone turntables, discs under cakes, cannoncini, etc.

Features: Equipment in steel, aluminum and aluminized sheet metal.

ISO 9001 certification: quality takes shape

Usually, “Quality” is an abused word, but with a very important meaning.
For the products of the lines described above, it concretely translates into excellent raw materials, controlled processing, studied and reviewed projects, durability of the finished product, practicality of use, attention to detail and customer satisfaction.
Quality is a path that has led to ISO 9001 certification, which consolidates Officine Bano International’s credibility as a company, underlining its commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, in a very competitive market where expectations in terms of quality are particularly high.


Send us your need, we will study a solution suitable for your kitchen or laboratory.

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