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Sturdiness and modularity for the production laboratory

The products of the Pastry & Bakery line are particularly suitable for pastry shops, bakery environments, ice cream shops and where quality, robust and long-lasting furniture is required. Furthermore, the faculty of total customization, together with the possibility of complete cleaning without the use of other tools, make the material multifunctional and suitable for the most several uses.

Inside the production laboratories, it is possible to count on tables and workbenches of large and small dimensions, as well as trolleys for storing baking trays, going from sinks to wall cabinets. To implement this, there are also shelves and cabinets for the storage of the material, also for cleaning purpose. The range also includes pedal operated waste container, in order to keep your hands cleaner, lockers and brooms cupboard with the possibility of having an inclined dust-proof roof and much more.

Below, you can download the catalogue containing the range of products. With this tool, it will be easier to choose and indicate to us the element closest to the needs of the moment. We are available for further clarification and for advice on the material to purchase. If the goods needs to have characteristics other than those visible in the price list, we will offer tailor-made and therefore products unique in its kind.

Download the catalogue and indicate which product you like the most. Contact us if you need advice or if you have already decided what to buy. Provide us with features other than those visible in the price list, we will offer you customized and therefore unique. Each line of furniture is fully customizable in multiple variations.

The hygiene of AISI 304 stainless steel

Our main focus is to make the work in the pastry, bakery or ice cream shop safer, easier and faster. To achieve this, the choice of raw materials is fundamental. In this sense, AISI 304 stainless steel is the optimal solution.

This alloy guarantees products:

Suitable for contact and handling of food

Resistant to corrosion and which do not release harmful substances

Characterized by a compact surface, resistant to impact and thermal shock

With high bacterial removability in cleaning cycles

Together with the Officine Bano International technology, the final goods will therefore be:

Completely dismountable without auxiliary tools

Reliable, cleanable and with minimal maintenance.

With anti-cut edges and anti-shattering borders, for long-lasting work in total safety

Modular and customizable, to overcome any situation

An entire line of furniture to be composed as you wish.

Several companies wanted Officine Bano International for their own laboratories.

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