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Pharma Line
The pharmaceutical sector and its various uses

The pharmaceutical environment represents excellence at an industrial level in Italy and abroad.
It is a very large and varied market that deals with the most varied areas, from chemical products to the coloring of materials, passing through the cosmetic sector and obviously for the production of wellness items.

A transversal feature that connects all the insiders of this particular world, from small laboratories to large pharmaceutical companies, are the high standards of quality and hygiene that are required.
For this reason, we have learned to know the various needs of our customers, using functional solutions, with high quality materials and finishes and with a functional and attractive design.

Quality furniture and equipment for the pharmaceutical sector

Summing up, the products of the Pharma Line are particularly suitable for pharmaceutical and galenic laboratories, dentists, pharmacies, chemical industries, the cosmetic sector, dairy and fish environments. As is understandable, these are all environments in which the quality, strength and durability of the material are a priority.

In addition, the faculty of total customization, together with the possibility of complete cleaning without the use of other tools, make the material multifunctional and suitable for the most varied uses. The total absence of sharp edges and dangerous points in compliance with the most severe accident prevention regulations guarantees the operators safety.

The hygiene of AISI 304 stainless steel

Our main goal is to obtain a safer, easier and faster work in food processing areas. To achieve this, the choice of the raw material is fundamental. In this sense, AISI 304 stainless steel is the optimal solution.

In fact, this alloy guarantees products:

Suitable for contact and handling of food

Resistant to corrosion and which do not release harmful substances

Characterized by a compact surface, resistant to impact and thermal shock

With high bacterial removability in cleaning cycles

Together with the technology of Officine Bano International, the final goods will therefore be:

Completely demountable without auxiliary tools

Reliable, cleanable and with minimal maintenance requirements.

With anti-cut edges and shatterproof shims, for durable work in total safety

Modular and customizable, to better face every situation

The furniture of your galenic laboratory that you can compose as you wish.

By vocation we take care of thinking, designing and manufacturing quality furniture and equipment in AISI 304 stainless steel for the most varied needs.

Several companies wanted Officine Bano International for their own laboratories.


Send us your need, we will study a suitable solution for your kitchen or laboratory.